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  • 1 kg of Tiramisu cake.

This cake is ordered on various occasions like mother's day, birthday, anniversary, and some more. This cake is masterminded with model mascarpone cheddar and delectable whipped coffee cream. This cake is set up with various layers and bested with chocolate syrup and made structures. Chocolate strips or cuts are used as enlivening the cake to make it continuously great. Order cake and bloom conveyance in Doha make your minutes dynamically extraordinary.We offer online cake and flower delivery in Doha. Get online cake and flower delivery in Doha with us on our website.


•In Roman times, eggs and butter were often added to basic bread to give a consistency that we would recognize as cake-like, and honey was used as a sweetener.
•January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day.
•In America, people used to believe that keeping a fruit cake under the pillow would get them a beautiful husband. The first reference to 'birthday cake' came in 1785.

Product Delivery Information:

•The picture shown is similar to the actual product. The original one may differ in package cover and design considering the availability. •The delivery time will be perfect and relies upon the accessibility of the product and it reaches the preferred location in time.
•Mention the exact and correct address. The delivery cannot be redirected to any other address. As they might melt, They may lose their freshness and Flavour.
•This item is hand-delivered and won't be delivered through courier items.

Handle with care:

•Put all the Cakes in the refrigerator or any other cold places.
•Donot expose them to high temperatures, they might melt or become soft, so they may change in shape or flavor might change.

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